It is important to consider several design criteria before installing a shade sail or structure.

The most popular shade fabric is shadecloth. It is a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) fabric with an excellent weight to strength ratio. It has very good tensile strength and is extremely resistant to tearing.

Wind passes through resulting in a cool breeze underneath and ensuring moderate temperatures. As well as providing shade, shadecloth can also be used as a privacy screen.

PVC is fully waterproof and is used where full weather protection is required. Loads transferred are great and steelwork and foundation deign needs to be upgraded.

Only quality materials that have been tested for strength and longevity are used, to ensure safe and secure, shade and weather protection for years to come. Our practical shade products provide a high visual impact which will enhance any outdoor area.

Fabrics We Offer


Polyfab has three ranges of shadecloth in its protection portfolio: PolyFX® is the lightest weight of these and is typically used for smaller, high quality shade sails and structures. This is often used in the residential market but is equally at home in commercial applications such as cafes and restaurants, schools and offices.

The next range is Comshade®, the all-rounder of the group with applications ranging from home use for swimming pools and larger deck areas, through playground shade sails to the larger structures and shades seen over sporting grounds.

Topping off the range is Architec 400®, a heavyweight, 100% monofilament superior product used in large scale sports and commercial applications such as over car parks at shopping centres.


Download a colour chart (PDF)

Innova Precontraint 502

Innova Precontraint P502 Colours

Paradise Shades use several types of waterproof PVC coated yarn depending on size and design.

Our most popular fabric is Precontraint 502, made by Ferrari Textiles, who are the market leaders in waterproof tensioned membrane fabrics.

Manufactured using the patented Ferrari Précontraint® technology ensures superior strength and stability enabling 502 to maintain its shape and perform in demanding and frequent use. Stringent pigment selection processes and quality formulations also give 502 matchless UV resistance and colour fastness.

With a diverse and contemporary colour palette combined with proven longevity, Précontraint 502 continues to lead the market as the most colourful and reliable of tensile membrane textiles.


Download a colour chart (PDF)

Dulux Powder Coatings

Dulux Colour Selector

Paradise Shades use Dulux Powder Coatings, who are the largest powder supplier in Australia, developing and manufacturing powder coatings locally for over 30 years.

The wide choice of premium Dulux powder coatings allows flexibility in design, providing architectural coating solutions in a wide range of colour and durability options, both in residential and commercial applications.


Download a colour chart (PDF)


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