Permits & Maintenance


Most shade sails require a Building Permit.  This includes an engineer’s Certificate of Compliance, Form 1507, which may require a soil test.

A Planning Permit may also be required.

It is mandatory for the shade sail installer to be a Registered Building Practitioner, either Commercial or Domestic depending on the location.

Paradise Shades Pty Ltd will undertake Permit applications and the director is both a Commercial and a Domestic Practitioner.


Whilst a shade sail will provide many years of trouble-free service, regular care and maintenance is necessary.  In an exposed area the sail may fail due to excessive wind and rain loadings.  Is the sail located under a tree, where staining may occur and falling branches could cause problems?  Darker shade colours are preferable in this scenario.

If a damp environment, lichens may grow on the sail and it should be cleaned periodically.

There could be smoke discoloration if the sail is above a BBQ or near a chimney.

Paradise Shades can undertake thorough cleaning of the shade fabric.

Stitching will often fail before the shade fabric.  In this situation, the sail can be completely restitched, which will provide many more years of use.

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